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Nobuyuki Kajiwara

Born 1951 in Fukuoka , Japan, Nobuyuki Kajiwara studied Middle-Eastern
languages and literature at Osaka University of Foreign Studies and then at Rijks Universiteit te Leiden in the Netherlands as a scholarship student.

Later living in the Netherlands then in the U.K. and working in the field of
international relations between Japan and Europe, he enjoyed an extensive opportunities to travel the world and to gain insights into various lands and cultures.

In 1983, he returned to Japan to take up a position in the Tokyo office of the City and Port of Rotterdam. One of the major projects then undertaken was to organise a Japan festival in Rotterdam in 1984, whose events included a first major Japanese bonsai exhibition held in Europe in recent times.

This was where he had the first introduction to the world of bonsai and made a life-changing acquaintance of his future master-to-be, late Terukichi Kato, the younger brother of the Kato brothers - Saburo and Hideo Kato. The Kato family is one of the prominent bonsai families in Japan and has handed down their tradition over several generations.

By 1986, he had become inextricably fascinated by the art of bonsai, and
commenced a full-time apprenticeship with him at his nursery "Mansei-en
Shiten" near Omiya, Japan.

In 1991, having completed training he obtained a diploma from the Japan
Co-operative of Professional Bonsai Nurseries ( Nihon Bonsai Kyodo Kumiai), and returned to the U.K. , where he is now permanently domiciled, to pursue a professional bonsai career in Europe.

Since 1992, he has been the chief instructor at the "Universita del Bonsai"
at Parabiago near Milan in Italy for its 3-year bonsai courses.

In 1993, he was awarded Gold Medals at the I.G.A.- International Garden
Show at Stuttgart for the bonsai exhibition jointly produced with his client
Helmut Rueger of "Bonsai Gallery Rueger" of Kilianstaedten near Frankfurt.

In 1995 and 1998, together with the same client he produced widely acclaimed bonsai shows respectively at the "Buedigen Castle" at Buedigen and at the "Palmen Garten" - the municipal botanical garden of the city of

In 1999, again with "Bonsai Gallery Rueger" he produced a bonsai exhibition
for the auction house Sotheby's in London, which lead to a successful sale
of the exhibited trees.

Today he holds established annual workshops with enthusiast groups in the U.K. and in Switzerland, as well as attending private bonsai collections on a regular basis for clients in the U.K., Germany, Italy and Spain.


Natsuo Kobayashi

Natsuo Kobayashi was born in Kanagawa in 1952. He did a five year intensive apprenticeship with Shigeo Kurosu,one of the leading figures in the Japanese bonsai art scene.Mr. Kurosu is the second son of late Hideo Kato and has enriched the bonsai tradition of the Kato family by infusing it with his in-depth study of the art of bonsai display.

Natsuo has been his right hand in organizing a series of highly praised bonsai shows in Omiya which reinstated bonsai as contemporary art. This training dealt with the care and refinement of bonsai, and the display of trees.

He has been working with Dai-ichi Bonsai in Newbury since 2002, as well as teaching these techniques in the UK and in Europe.

Please Note: Natsuo has temporarily returned to Japan and will not be available for the 2009 season courses.